I am Mayra Ornelas. I am a CG generalist mostly specialized in 2D visual development, character design, set design and color scripting.

I have been working as a professional artist since 2012 doing visual development for advertising projects by designing sets, characters and any other design needs; however, my main interest is to be able to participate in projects with strong and captivating narrative. I want to be able to tell stories with my work along fantastic and experienced artists!

My strongest skills include: color scripting, character design, set design, using any type of painting application such as ClipStudio, Photoshop, Procreate, Illustrator, etc. Additionally I have good knowledge and understanding of 3D applications such as Zbrush which I use to keep improving my artistic perception, sculpting, modeling for production and using it as base for art.

I am a diligent self-learner and problem solver; I am friendly and able to adapt to any pipeline; I am always looking to improve my methods by learning from others.

I have experience teaching and giving continuous technical and artistic support to clients and coworkers. Over the years I have developed a solid grasp on the preproduction and production areas, such as storyboarding, layout and design. My experience includes web development as well, which complements my artistic skills perfectly so I can provide an integral solution to different challenges.